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The SVRU  
bulletThe SVRU series of wash-heads are hydraulically driven by the cleaning fluid. They are ideal for pipe, barrel, container, or small tank washing. These units operate in any position and are capable of a throw radius of 12 feet. Three models are available with flow rates from 4.9 to 29 US GPM.  

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bullet The Sellers Drum Major offers a slimline sanitary design and is ideal for CIP or Portable applications with tank openings as small as 2" with a 7/8" probe or shaft which fits through even smaller keg or drum bungholes. The Drum Major is hydraulically driven by the pressure of the cleaning solution, and the shaft rotates at a slow speed, ensuring a forceful impingement from any installation position. This model operates from 50-180 psi (3.4-12.4 BAR), and 12-30 GPM (2.7-6.8 M 3/Hr) and offers an effective cleaning radius of 6 ft. (1.8m). A choice of four spray patterns are available, and the simplicity of the design constructed of 316 Stainless, and Food Grade approved materials, also provides for ease of field service.

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2" Troll Ball 
bulletThe 2" Troll Ball fits through a 2" opening, weights 2 1/4 lbs, offers four different spray patterns, and is suitable for CIP installation. The 2" Troll Ball operates from 50-200 psi (3.5-14 BAR), and the flow capacity is 13-34 GPM (2.6-17.7 M 3/hr). It offers an effective cleaning radius of 6 ft (1.8m), is constructed of 316 Stainless, and Food Grade approved materials.

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3" Troll Ball
bulletThe 3" Troll Ball fits through a 3" opening, weights 4 lbs, offers four different spray patterns, and is also ideal for CIP or portable applications. The 3" Troll Ball operates between 50-200 psi (3.5-14 BAR), and the flow capacity is 30-76 GPM (6.8-17.3 M 3/hr). This model has an effective cleaning radius of 10 feet (3.0 m).

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bulletThe Orbi Series rotating tank cleaner provides complete tank cleaning that is both thorough and cost-effective. It is fluid driven, with or without external gears and was specifically designed to fit a 3" (76.2mm) opening, for cleaning of totes, IBC's, and other limited access vessels. This model also incorporates a set of bevel gears which provide a complete 360 degree indexing pattern, every 45 revolutions and has an effective cleaning radius of 15 ft (4.6m). It operates up to 300 psi (20.7 BAR) and offers simplicity of design and ease of field maintenance.

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Jumbo 6  
bullet The Sellers Jumbo 6 is a compact, lightweight, non-lubricated tank cleaning machine. It is designed to clean tanks to 30 feet (9m)in diameter. The Jumbo units are designed for use in CIP installations, and all components are 316 Stainless or Food Grade approved materials. The unit is hydraulically operated through a fluid drive that provides rotational speed to assure optimum cleaning. The Jumbo units have 45 tooth external, self cleaning gears, which provide a thorough 360 degree indexing cleaning pattern every 45 revolutions. The Jumbo is available in 3 different nozzle sizes, and (3) different configurations. The HT model is available for CIP applications up to temperatures of 500 degrees. Recommended operating pressures of 50-150 psi (3.5-10.3 BAR).Ideal for breweries, dairies, and other food industries.

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Tank Man  
bullet The Sellers Tankman provides effective, thorough and reliable tank cleaning in the brewing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and dairy industries. Both the dual and triple nozzle tankman models concentrate hold or cold cleaning solutions into powerful scouring action. The Tankman is non-lubricated, self-cleaning, and provides a thorough 360 degree cleaning pattern every 45 revolutions. The slow rotating speed of the unit and the simplicity of design provides trouble free service, and ease of field maintenance when required. The Tankman is lightweight, only 15 lbs, (6.8 kgs), and operates between 60-200 psi (4.1-13.8 BAR) and has an effective cleaning radius of 22 feet (6.7m).

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bullet  The Tankmaster is hydraulically driven by the cleaning solution, and is ideal for cleaning small tanks, vats, totes, IBC's, and bulk transport clean-outs with stubborn soils. The unit consists of a sealed gearbox design, and 45 tooth external gears that provide a thorough 360 degree cleaning pattern every 45 revolutions. The T-5 (Dual), and T-6 (Triple) nozzle units with short nozzles fit through the 3" openings. Long nozzles may also be added to the T-5, and T-6 units which will provide additional reach and impingement cleaning when needed. The Tankmasters can operate between 100-1000 psi (6.9-68.9 BAR), and can supply 12-40 gpm (45-151 l/m). This model has outperformed all competitive units.

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MODEL 360-2


MODEL 360-3

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Model "360" & "180"THE VERY BEST

The Sellers 360 is the most durable and reliable tank cleaning machine available Worldwide!

bulletThe Sellers 360 Rotary Tank Cleaner combines all the features needed to handle the most serious tank cleaning problems. Gear ratio options, a variety of nozzle sizes, and the choice of 2 or 3 nozzle, Food Grade oil lubricated, or flow through gearbox designs provide maximum cleaning flexibility, predictable cleaning results and minimum cleaning cycle times.
bulletThe dual nozzle machines are traditionally the unit of choice in the Bulk Transport industry for cleaning of Bulk Transport trucks. These models are far superior in design, workmanship, reliability, performance, and service life to any other competitive models.
bulletThe Triple nozzle unit is also the unit of choice at major breweries and have performed well for over 30 years.
bulletThe Sellers 360 provides a powerful and thorough 360 degree cleaning pattern every 60 revolutions, and models are available with either a 655:1 or 273:1 gear ratio, and different rotor and stator combinations to fit your application needs.
bulletModels can operate efficiently from 40-700psi (2.81-49.2 kg/cm2), at flows ranging between 30-300 gpm (1.89-18.92 liters/sec).
bulletEffective cleaning diameter to 75 feet (25m).

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Roto Jets Rotary

Sellers  Roto Jet  Rotary Tank Cleaners are available in both HP (High Pressure) and LP (Low Pressure) versions.

The HP models operate up to pressures of 3625 PSI (250 BAR) and flows to

21 GPM (80 l/m) and the LP models operate up to pressures of 1015 PSI

(80 BAR) and 80 GPM (303 l/m).

The LP models are available in:

Stainless steel construction

Air or electric drive motors

Seals are PTFE or Zalak

Shaft lengths from 19.7 in

(500 mm) to 78.7 in (2000 mm)

Pressures to 1015 PSI

(80 BAR) or 80 GPM (303 l/m)

Dual- or 4-nozzle designs readily available

Easily fits through 3 in

(76.2 mm) openings

Comes equipped with standard mounting flange

Ideal for use in cleaning bulk trailers with 3 in (76.2 mm) cleanouts



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